KOD Disposal Ontario Legend eSeries wraps 1st season at USA Speedway

KOD Disposal Ontario Legend eSeries wraps 1st season at USA Speedway

First leg/season of the official Ontario Legends "eSeries" is in the book.

Thanks to all our sponsors: KOD Disposal, McNichol Welding and Fabrication, Jennifer Hatch Coldwell Banker, Thorsons EVT and Liqui Moly.

Also a big thanks to Turn 3 Racing Network Roger Muth for the wonderful work on the broadcasts and thanks to Willy Howells and Brandt Graham for all your help with race control and behind the scenes.

We wrapped up the series at USA Speedway. Had some GREAT racing in the heats and the B. A was.... well an A. Congrats to Matt Haufe Racing's Ronald Henrie for taking the victory tonight. Also thanks Ron for all your great work making paint schemes for guys in the series.

Your B Feature Winners: Ronald Henrie and Blake Near. Your heat winners: Brian Neff, Dawson Drimmie, Blake Near and Connor James.

If you attended all the races and are in the top 15, KOD Disposal's end of the sponsorship was providing a points fund. Willy, Jeff Drimmie and I will be working out the logistics of that.

Final Points can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LCGxQz7b8nPmmf8rXV5EDoTUdnGvSnK0ON9BA1BVdf8/edit#gid=723937756

Speaking of Championships... BLAKE NEAR takes the championship. Congrats to you! A crappy plastic championship belt is in your future.

Wally Wilson takes home the $50 prize for Best Appearing car as selected by Turn 3 Racing Network and awarded by Liqui Moly.