Announcing the Clarke Motorsports Communications Cup!

Announcing the Clarke Motorsports Communications Cup!

Adding to the excitement of the 2019 Ontario Legends Series, there will be additional bragging rights on the line as competitors battled for the inaugural Clarke Communications Cup. 

This will be a sub championship to the main series comprising of all the Legend events held at Peterborough Speedway in 2019. Drivers will compete for a $100 prize and a championship belt. Along with being able to call yourself the Peterborough Speedway Legends Champion. 

Should Peterborough host 5 or more B features, a B feature champion shall also be crowned. 

May 18th
June 1st
June 15th
June 29th
July 27th (Double Feature)
August 24th (Double Feature)
October 11-13 - Autumn Colours

- 9 total features scored. Heat points not scored. 
- 2 feature drops (score 7 best of 9)