2019 Canadian Asphalt Nationals Information and Entry List

2019 Canadian Asphalt Nationals Information and Entry List

Sunset Speedway
6918 Yonge St
Innisfil, ON L9S 4N7

Early Bird Registration Deadline: 
Sunday, August 11th

Entry Fee:
Before August 11th: $125
After August 11th or at the track: $150


Event Schedule & Notes:

Friday August 16
  • This will be a practice afternoon
  • 3 cars max at a time with no passing 
  • Practice will start at 2pm
  • Tech will be open
  • Registration will be open 
    Saturday August 17

    • This will be day one of the nationals and qualifying day 
    • All cars/driver must be singed in before practice. (if not your times will not be aloud)
    • There will be a mandatory driver’s meeting before racing 
    • All tires must be marked before going out for your heat races. The tire that you run in the heat races are the tires you will have to run for the weekend. 
    • Make sure transponders are turned on during practice. Your practice time is what will seed you into you heats.
    • There will be 2 1/2hr practices 
    • Heat seeding will be done by a time basis. For example, if we have 50 car we will be running 5 heats of 10. Fast time from practice will be pole in heat 1 2nd fasted will be pole in heat 2, 3rd fastest will be pole in heat 3, 4th fastest pole in heat 4 and 5th fastest pole in heat 5. 
    • You will run 2 qualifying heat races to seed you into the event. Your second heat race is a complete invert on the starting in your first heat.
    • Heat races are 10 laps
    • A max of 26 car will start the A main(this number may change)
    • The top 10 qualified cars from the heat race will go straight into the A main and the redraw. (this number may also change)
    • The remainder of cars will be in the B main and possibly C main. You will need to race you way in to the big dance 
    • The B and possibly C main will be raced Saturday night. C main will be 15 laps and B main 15
    • Top 5 cars from the B main will report to tech
      Sunday August 18th - Race Day
      • 1st A main will be raced (lineups set from Saturdays qualifying)
      • 1st Amain will be 25 laps
      • After the first A main, we will be running another B main/C main(if needed) the top 10 drivers from A main 1 will be locked into the second and the redraw all remained drive will have to race their way in. 
      •  Amain 2nd will be 30 laps

        Tech Notes 
        • OLS rules will apply and INEX 
        • This is a OLS points race/races
        • The top 3 from Bmain and Cmains will report to tech directly after the race
        • The top 3 from each division will report to tech after each Amain (top 3 semi pro. Top 3 pro and top 3 masters)
        • Mandatory Drivers meeting both Saturday and Sunday time is to be put on white board and remind app if not in attendance you will be starting tail. 
        • All driver need to be signed in before practice starts. If not you will be starting at the back for both of your heat races 
        • Mandatory gas station will be Ultramar 91 octane 2231 Simcoe 89, Gilford, ON L0L 1R0 just south of the speedway. 
          1st in all three divisions (Semi pro/Young Lion, Masters and Pro) will receive $1500. 2nd in all three will receive $1000
          3rd in all three will receive $750.

          The overall champion will take home $4000 plus if that driver win both features they will get a bonus of $6000 for a total of $10,000

          After the top 3 in every division the next car in line will receive $400, $300, $250, $200, $175, $150 and then $125 for the remainder of the field. 

          Entry List

          Confirmed Entries:

          00 - Joe Adams
          3 - Shane Pollock
          7 - Andre Fiorini
          8 - Mike Alcaro (USA)
          10 - Alex McCollum (USA) 
          15N - Nick Ledson 
          17 - Greg Rudzik (USA)
          17M - Kenny McNicol
          21 - Cory Richardson
          33 - Paul Pierik
          37 - Andrew Massey
          47 - Zach Latimer
          55 - Jeff Forsey
          57 - Kevin Foisy
          60 - Parker Traves
          66 - Dawson Drimmie
          72 - Rob MacDonnell
          77 - Glenn Morris
          78 - Joe Sherman
          79 - Adam Cuthbertson
          92 - Dave Riopele
          95 - Cody Newell
          97 - Wes Cutherbertson
          TBA - Marcel Berndt (Germany)

          Intent to Compete:
          4 - Howard Bentley
          20 - Cole McFadden
          28 - Robin Jongen
          49 - Miles Tyson